7oz Chinese Ladle (CE 0787)


7oz Chinese Ladle

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7oz Chinese Ladle (CE 0787)
7oz Chinese Ladle Wooden Handle 
  • Wooden handle is incredibly comfortable and stable in the hand, helping you serve soups, broths and stews with expert precision
  • The handle also stops heat from travelling up the ladle to your hand
  • This Ladle has a deep, round bowl that is perfect for soups, noodles and cooking fried rice
  • The ladle is different to normal ladles as its bowl is at the correct angle to aid oriental cooking
  • Ideal for broths and soups and stews, this will make a great addition to any professional or domestic kitchen
  • Durable, professional tool

Capacity: 7 oz

Size : Total Length : 43cm(Ladle part 10.5cm x 12cm)


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